About Heidi


I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but it was not until I purchased my first pocket digital camera in 2008 that I rediscovered my love of photography. Photography teaches me how to look at the world, isolate its elements, and capture visual art. I am drawn into my surroundings and trust my intuition to guide me along that path. This happens best when a moment strikes and calls upon me to redefine and create.

I live a physical life and this translates into my photos. Capturing images while cycling through a forest, strategically contorting my body in a small space, or trekking up a mountainside dramatically affects the photos I produce; these are the moments that define my art.

For you, the viewer, I intentionally leave room within my photographs to encourage you to discover your own meaning. So, peruse these images and enjoy where they take you. Deconstruct, redefine, and savor.

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